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Mike Francesa Just Accused Jerry Sandusky Of Child Trafficking [UPDATE]

Mike Francesa dropped a bomb on his WFAN radio show today when he announced more Jerry Sandusky victims had come forward, one of which had been delivered by a fellow pedophile who also groomed his victims by operating some kind of Pennsylvania-based outreach program. It's the sort of allegation that, despite the disturbing details we already know, remains shocking.

You can listen to the bit above, and it's tossed out with little elaboration from Francesa. Thing is, this story hasn't been reported by any other news outlet, and we're curious where Francesa heard it. It's curious because of its similarity to a story that came out in November, when radio jock Mark Madden spread rumors that Sandusky was part of a child sex trafficking scheme. After Madden backed off on the story, we haven't heard much of it. Does Francesa know something we don't? Is he just making shit up? Let us know.

Update (3:06 p.m.): Francesa is apparently talking about this story, which involves no actual connection to Jerry Sandusky.

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