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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Mike Francesa Really Can't Stand This Jason Collins Story

Ugh, Mike Francesa thought. A gay player? Why do we have to talk abut this? Who cares? This is so stupid, a ploy by Sports Illustrated for some buzz:

It means less than nothing to me that there is a gay player now out if the NBA. SI going to reveal this this week in—I don't know why—I guess a dramatic attempt to sell a magazine, I guess.


I have the story here and I'm not compelled to run and talk about it or read it. I really don't care. I can't be any more honest. I don't care.


Francesa went ahead a little bit later and started reading it on the air. He didn't seem happy about it. His former longtime radio partner couldn't agree more about the worthlessness of this story:


Francesa and Russo couldn't be embarrassing themselves more, obviously (ESPN is now trying to correct what it knows wasn't the right course of action earlier today).

Francesa likes to talk about the Oscars, he likes to talk about politics. Collins's historic news? Eh. Anyway, here's Francesa's thoughts about Collins in GIF form:

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