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Mike Francesa Spends A Full Minute Trying And Failing To Pronounce Matt Vasgersian's Name

Mike Francesa might still be revved up from his beef last week with New York Post columnist Andrew Marchand, because today on his WFAN show he yelled at his producers for not knowing anything, all because he, Mike Francesa, didn’t know anything.

It began when Francesa was confused about which Fox announcer had called the Packers-Rams game on Sunday, and escalated when he repeatedly mangled the name of the guy who he thought had called the game, Matt Vasgersian. He tries and fails to say “Vasgersian” more than 10 times in this short clip.


First Francesa goes with VER-GASH-EE-YAN, then—five times—with VERG-ASIAN, all while demanding that his producers tell him who announced the game. One of his producers chimes in, delicately, to tell Francesa that it was Thom Brennaman who called the game with Troy Aikman. Even after Francesa digests this piece of information, he somehow remains confused:

“Was it Brennaman or was it VERG-ASION who was on the game yesterday, doing the Ram game,” he said taking another swing at Vasgersian’s name, while inexplicably calling it “the Ram game.”

He continued:

“Who did the Ram game with Aikman? Which one was it? It was Brennaman, okay, I can’t tell those two apart so I didn’t know which one it was. Alright, it was Brennaman? I want to make sure because I’m going to knock him here. Was it Brennaman? Look up who it was. Or look up who did the game? VER-VERS-ASIAN? VAS-CURSION? But who did the game?”


At this point he’s really riled up by his own inability to appear competent and snaps at his producers: “Can you guys at least tell me who did the game? I don’t expect you guys to watch the game, all right, but you can tell me who did that game.”

Matt Vasgersian hasn’t called a football game in almost a decade and he left Fox to join ESPN’s baseball team early this year.

Reporter at Deadspin.

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