Mike Francesa's been on a roll lately. The latest incident involves the radio guy threatening the two anonymous dudes who run an exquisite Twitter parody account, @MikeFrancesaNY.

Some context: Yesterday the Daily News print edition apparently published a few tweets in its pages, as newspapers sometimes awkwardly do these days. One came from a Daily News sportswriter and the other was a tweet from the Francesa parody account. Maybe it was an editing error; more likely, it was the News ribbing Francesa since it's quite obviously fake (at the beginning of the clip above, Francesa acknowledges he hasn't been that kind to the News about its A-Rod coverage). Here's the News yesterday, saved by @WFANAudio, another purveyor of many things Francesa:

Anyway, Mike wasn't happy about about this yesterday. ("Twitter, which is gonna go public here next month, has gotta do something about the process of people's names being able to be used without their say so. OK? You can't control what the people say. This account's in my name. I've never tried to shut them down.") And he most definitely wasn't happy about it today. He said he "knows the guys" who run the Twitter account and yes he'll out them. He'll let the whole world know what their names are and what their professions are! All they have to do is annoy Mike one more time and we'll know just who these guys are. Excellent use of the bully pulpit, Mike. Absolutely terrify—zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.