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Yesterday morning, while on set in Miami, Dan Patrick half-jokingly invited ESPN's Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg to come on to his show. Greenberg declined, but Golic gleefully obliged. Technically, ESPN personalities are forbidden from appearing on competing shows. CHAOS.

Not really, but it is great for awkward radio. Golic, not seeing the harm in "talking about football" for a short segment, considering that Patrick's Giant Satellite Pussy Wagon the show's broadcasting from this week is in close proximity to "Mike and Mike's" outpost. It was the neighborly thing to do.


ESPN PR (yes, we're best friends again — for now) says they normally don't set up guests on DP's show as "per policy" but that Golic won't be disciplined for the brief appearance because they recognize it was a unique situation. And — this is my own speculation — suspending Golic or disciplining him in the Norby chair or whatever would play into Patrick's jovial "mother ship" stick-poking. ESPN won't concede that battle over something so harmless.

A person on the set of the DP show said that Golic sprinted about 40 yards to come on the show. Greenberg popped by after Golic's segment to shake hands, inspect the Pussy Wagon and exchange pleasantries with the DP crew. The DP mole did say that Greenberg was fielding a lot of Blackberry messages after Golic's segment was over, but it was probably because he's just that damn popular.

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