Mike Greenberg, the well-manicured, impish half of "Mike And Mike In The Morning" was interviewed by Dan Levy on his OnTheDL show and was asked if the show is"dumbed down" to cater to the average sports fan. Greenberg would never undermine or insult his audience like that, but he did take his usual potshot at co-host and former NFL defensive lineman Mike Golic. However, one quote in particular seemed a little more cutting than the usual doses of playful banter employed on the show:

I think I have to dumb it down because of Golic. It is impossible to have a conversation on a high, intellectual level with a man whose idea of fine literature begins with Doctor and ends with Seuss.I remember one time I referenced ‘The Catcher in the Rye' and Golic honestly did not know who had written it or what it was. That was the day I realized, ‘you know, I'm not going to be able to do some things here.'

It must take a remarkable amount of restraint on Golic's behalf to not want to take Greenberg by the back of the hair and just start smashing his face into the console each day. But if Greenberg keeps floating quotes like this while Golic's not around, it might be inevitable. Mike Greenberg [OnTheDL]