Mike Leach Discusses Bigfoot, Aliens In Enlightening Press Conference

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A hearty thank you to whoever selected “do you believe in Bigfoot? what about aliens?” as the fan-submitted question of the week for Mike Leach’s press conference yesterday, because the resulting answer was wonderful. The Washington State football coach hopes that Bigfoot exists but does not believe he does; while he definitely suspects that there are aliens, he does not necessarily think that they are the little green men of the popular imagination. He also talked a little about evolution, and, in his own way, indirectly addressed the Fermi paradox.

Enjoy an excerpt of Leach’s answer below. Please watch for the 33 second mark, where he says something like “And lightning’s striking mud and you know, popping, and I mean, gamauhmaghush” with a dismissive wave of his hands.


The full thing is three minutes and 38 seconds and can be found here.