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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Mike Leach Has Never Been Particularly Nice To Adam James

Illustration for article titled Mike Leach Has Never Been Particularly Nice To Adam James

This just gets better and better for Leach, doesn't it? Two of his witnesses just turned stoolies for the university, and now video emerges of him cussing out James and kicking him out of practice.


You'll recall last week when Leach's camp provided statements from the Red Raiders' head trainer and team physician, making James's stays in the shed sound more like an all-expenses paid visit to Club Med.

Well, Texas Tech got their own statements from the pair, and they're fairly damning. First, they predate the pro-leach statements, and second, they're affidavits, which in lazy journalist speak means they're unquestionably true. Right?


First up, team physician Dr. Michal Phy, before:

According to the information given to me, no additional risks or harm were imposed on Adam by what he was asked to do."


In spite of the fact that James may not have been harmed by these actions, I consider this practice inappropriate and a deviation from the medical standard of care."


Next we have trainer Steve Pincock, before:

While in the garage, Adam was walking around, eating ice, sitting on the ground, and, at one point, sleeping; at no point was there any enforcement to make Adam stand up. Adam was checked by doctors every day....Adam was never locked in any facility, and was never placed in an electrical closet or tight space, or instructed to do so."


And, after:

Leach told me to place James in a dark place near the practice field. Leach further said something to the effect that he wanted me to tell James that I was to "lock his [redacted material] ass in a place so dark that" [redacted material], which I repeated to James. Leach further told me to have him stand in the dark during the entire practice. He wanted James to be uncomfortable."


Now, about that video. It supposedly comes from an April practice, and if we demonized every coach for cursing at players lolly-gagging through April practices, we'd have no room for posts about anything else. So, devoid of context, this video means nothing. But placed in the context of what we know now...

Tech Releases Affidavits That Differ From Statements Produced By Leach Representative [Dallas Morning News]

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