The Texas Tech-Mike Leach-Adam James saga is a confusing he said/he said drama of bizarre accusations and hurt feelings. I just wish someone would re-write the lyrics to an Eminem song, explaining what happened and whose side I should take.

Oh, good. Someone did that. "Singers" "KaiN" & "RyZe" (there aren't enough ironic quotes to adequately express my feelings here) have recorded their Team Leach version of "Cleaning Out My Closet," which makes it pretty clear that Craig James and his son are whiny sissy boys. A lot of it even rhymes!

If this remarkable track was not enough to convince you that Adam James is totally gay, CBS Sports has a whole bunch of emails from people who have actually met him and they make a pretty persuasive argument that James is a Grade-A Jerk. They are written by ex-teammates and Texas Tech coaches and contain liberal usage of words like "lazy," "selfish," "entitled," "attitude" (as is "bad"), and oh, look ... "jerk."

So that's a lot of folks on Team Leach, I guess. Meanwhile, the actual Mike Leach is fighting for his job and the $800,000 bonus he gets if he can hold on to it until Thursday. Leach—whose attorneys have asked for a temporary restraining order that would allow him to coach the Alamo Bowl on Saturday—apparently believes that athletic director Gerald Myers is desperate to fire him and James has conveniently handed him the means to do so. Given their heated contract negotiations last winter, Myers probably would have preferred that Leach had left a long time ago, but an 11-2 season made it difficult for the AD to push him out the door.


So is Leach being railroaded by an angry AD and a spoiled rich kid or is he really a megalomaniac who has brainwashed enough sycophants to fool the public? More crucially, does either answer result in Michigan State not getting blown out this weekend? (At least you know who the villains are on that team.)

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