Mike Leach's Business Partner Is A Prominent Publisher Of Guides To Houston-Area Strip Clubs

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Deposed Texas Tech boss Mike Leach just took over at Wazzu, and the local press is already hounding our favorite offensive innovator/pirate.

Here's Seattle Weekly:

On January 16, dozens of the top college football players in the country will travel to Tucson, Arizona, to play in the Casino Del Sol College All-Star Game, to be broadcast on Fox Sports. On the game's website, the organizers are listed as Arizona Sports Group, LLC, a business incorporated in 2010 listing Leach and John Gray as co-managers. The site's "About Us" section also features bios of both men, but with some notable details missing.
Nowhere does it mention where Gray is currently employed. As the publisher of titles like Adult Quest, Wildscene, and Risque Business, Gray presides over a regional strip-club-guide empire. His magazines are a quirky mix of raunchy editorials from local lawyers and porn stars, and glossy ads for Houston-area cabarets.


It's not like Leach should be punished for this. You wish you were friends with this guy!

We can't help but be amused, though, by the unseemly characters who flit in and out of the sanctified realm of college football. (Granted, if there's a game that sounds like it would be affiliated with strip-club enthusiasts, it's the Casino Del Sol College All-Star Game, where Houston Nutt will be coaching this year.) Where can we turn for great American values if not the amateur gridiron?


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