Mike Milbury's Anti-Ovechkin Crusade Goes International

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The NBC analyst has long been known as the only non-Yinzer in the Crosby-over-Ovechkin camp. Now, he's moved his pulpit to Vancouver. Thank goodness Jeremy Roenick was there to call him out.

During yesterday's Canada-Norway game, NBC ran a little piece on Ovie, and Milbury was asked to compare him to someone (note the smirk on JR's face when they toss it to Milbury).

Well, if I compared him to the other great player in the game it'd be Sidney Crosby. Crosby: professional, workmanlike. Ovechkin: exuberant, just every day is another day at the beach for this kid."


Roenik sprung to defend Ovechkin from allegations of...what? Nonchalantness? Lack of effort? I don't know, but Milbury wasn't having it.

Yeah, but isn't the score right now Crosby 1 Cup, Ovechkin none, JR? Doesn't it come down to winning?"

Things just went off the rails from there, with Milbury questioning whether Ovechkin can handle the captain's C, and condescendingly patting JR on the back for his opinion.

Look, no one's more supportive of irrational anti-Russia hatred than I am. But let's not turn every hockey game, everywhere, into a Crosby vs. Ovechkin debate. Especially when there's every likelihood of the two being able to settle it on the ice next week.

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