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Mike Shanahan Just Remembered Rex Grossman Is His Starting QB: Your NFL Early Games Open Thread

Week 15 begins now. Well, begins again after Thursday night. And last night. Week 15 continues. Talk about it below.

Washington at NY Giants (FOX): Let's play a fun game where we guess what quarterback is being discussed. I am going to edit the portions that would give away the answer. Ok? Let's go. "[Not Rex grossman] has the [Not Washington Redskins] tied for [Not first place] in the NFC East, though with a modest record of [Not terrible], entering Sunday's game against the [Not Giants] at MetLife Stadium. He has thrown for 4,105 yards and 25 touchdowns. [NOT Rex Grossman] has joined Brees, Brady and Rodgers on pace to top 5,000 passing yards this season. To date, there have been only two 5,000-yard passing seasons in league history, by Dan Marino for the Miami Dolphins in 1984 and by Brees for the Saints in 2008. Manning has a trio of 400-yard passing games this season, tied for the most ever in an NFL season." Give up?? [WaPo]


Carolina at Houston (FOX): Is T.J. Yates trying to establish himself as the second coming of Tebow with his miraculous fourth quarter comeback, which would actually make him like, the fourth coming twice removed? I don't know, but given the Panthers predilection for pissing games away in the fourth quarter he just might.

Miami at Buffalo (CBS): Welcome to Manufacturing Hype For A Garbage Game Not A Single Person Cares About. Here is your first assignment, Miami Herald. Let's see what you've got. "Though there's all of nine wins between the teams once again headed for nowhere, it's unlikely there will be a just-playing-it-out feel to the game. Buffalo accused Miami of taking liberties with its NFL guests during the Dolphins' 35-8 Bills blasting last month. While that is debatable, it's not debatable that Dolphins strong safety Yeremiah Bell delivered the unkindest analysis after the game." Liberties taken? Not bad, not bad at all. [Miami Herald]


Seattle at Chicago (FOX): "'I don't know if there's anything worse than a bear with a bad tooth,' Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told reporters earlier this week. 'These guys are going to be jacked up to get going. They're in transition.'" I get the feeling that Pete Carroll is the only one who doesn't think he is a total phony. [Seattle PI]

New Orleans at Minnesota (FOX): Good news, bad news for the Vikings: Adrian Peterson is coming back, but they are still the Vikings and will be playing the New Orleans Saints. The Saints make their first trip to Minnesota since the halcyon days of Daunte Culpepper. [Star Tribune]


Cincinnati at St. Louis (CBS): I'm all about games, today. Let's play a game I call How I Know When To Stop Reading. Ready? "Longtime St. Louisan Dan Dierdorf has been one of the NFL's top broadcasters for more than a quarter century..." [St. Louis Today]

Tennessee at Indianapolis (CBS): I've read at least four previews for this game and I can't find a single interesting thing to point out about it. It is football. Someone will be watching it, somewhere.


Green Bay at Kansas City (FOX): Todd Haley, as we all know, got pink slipped. Which is just so typical of the guy. We have a perfect opportunity for a matchup between two asshole coaches—one, the alpha male, in your face asshole; the other the sneaky, beating around the bush, sharpie-in-the-back-of-his-hat-asshole, and Haley has to go and ruin it by getting fired. Thanks for nothing, Todd.

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