Mike Tomlin, former defensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings, has been hired as the new head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Rooney family was said to really admire Tomlin's defensive philosophies, his organizational skills, his refreshing ability not to bathe every single person he talks to in saliva, and how much he looks like an older version of Omar Epps.

The official announcement is coming later today or tomorrow. Before Tomlin resurrected the Vikings defense, he served as the secondary coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs, back when the Bucs were good. He's also had a bunch of college assistant jobs, and his defenses have been top-notch at every stop.

Tomlin is the first black head coach hired this offseason. The NFL rule that mandates every team with a head coaching vacancy interview at least one minority candidate is referred to as "The Rooney Rule," as Steelers owner Dan Rooney is the one who pushed hardest for it.

It's a pretty large multi-colored sweater pair of shoes that Tomlin has to fill.

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