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Mike Trout Can't Stop Texting His Wife About The Bomb Cyclone

Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Many athletes present first and foremost as carefully crafted public brands, but we know at least one thing to be true about Mike Trout: this dude really, earnestly loves the weather. Not a specific season, like most normal people who love swimming in the summer or wearing sweaters in autumn. No, Trout just loves weather things—storms, tornadoes, polar vortexes, whatever you’ve got. If he didn’t have godlike baseball abilities, it’s even odds he’d be a meteorologist.


So on a day when many snowy east coast cities are practically shutting down due to the “bomb cyclone,” Trout is so geeked up about the extreme weather event he’s making things weird in his new marriage. He and his wife, Jessica—seen in the image atop this post in a climate-controlled space—had an apparently frozen-yet-gorgeous wedding last month. But Jessica’s enthusiasm for unusual storms doesn’t extend as far as her husband’s, as shown in this Twitter thread involving the happy couple and Trout’s pal, meteorologist Jim Cantore.


Unfortunately, Jessica doesn’t come with receipts, so we can only imagine the best player in baseball blowing up her phone with one-sided “Babe! Babe! A BOMB CYCLONE babe!” texts. But she can take comfort in knowing that if Mike’s phone ever gets hacked, it’ll probably make for the dullest gossip ever.

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