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We will confess confusion about "60 Minutes" decaying muckraker Mike Wallace's strange obsession with Dolphins running back Ricky Williams. After his infamous interview last year — in which Wallace all but asked Ricky where he could score some good weed — last night's revisit with Williams consisted of Wallace showing up at a press conference during training camp and firing questions at Ricky.

The best part about this was the rest of the press corps, all gathered around for the press conference. They pretty much just sat there and let Wallace take the whole thing over, watching him pepper Williams with questions while they hungrily eyed the food spread in the corner. Meanwhile, Williams was his usual self; in the Wunderlic-failing world of the NFL, he's a soulful free spirit, though out here in the real world, he'd just be another eight-year grad student who is insistent about the strength of hemp-made rope and keeps lecturing us about Art Bell.


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