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Mike Williams's Neighbors Hate Him And His Extravagant Parties

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Tampa Bay Bucs receiver Mike Williams isn't very popular in his community. He and a few friends are renting a house in Tampa, and neighbors seem to despise them.

In the span of June to September last season, the Tampa Bay Times reports there were five 911 calls, a lawsuit, and possible eviction for Williams's house, which reportedly has a stripper pole in the living room. John Hagensicker, a 60-year-old former neighbor, said Williams threw constant parties, described by the article as "Gatsby-level."

From the Times:

There have been five 911 calls to the property since June, ranging from a kitchen fire to roommate Tyshawn Edwards telling police in the middle of the night he partied too much at a Bucs game and someone may have spiked his drink.


Hagensicker said parties at the house kept him up at night, with stretch limos pulling up and unloading people at 4 a.m. The parties were big enough that cars were parked on his grass, driving over his lawn as they left, leaving tracks and breaking sprinkler heads. He'd see mattresses left on the lawn and wake up to deer eating from garbage left around the house.

"I'd be laying in bed at night and couldn't sleep," he said. "Big boom boxes blaring, and it would shake my head on my pillow. I've never known people so rude and so low-class. I was astonished."


Williams missed the last 10 games of the season with an injury, creating lots of free time to ask for video vixens on Twitter and generally be a wealthy 20-something. But no practice or games doesn't give him a pass to be a rich dick at all hours. Don't be a rich dick, Mike.

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