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Mike Yastrzemski Disappoints Wife While Trying To Get To Second Base

Yet another relative of a Hall of Famer was promoted to the majors this past weekend. Mike Yastrzemski, grandson of Red Sox great Carl Yastrzemski, got the call up to join the dysfunctional Giants on Saturday, where he made his debut against the Diamondbacks. Yastrzemski finally got the first hit of his MLB career on Sunday, and it was a moment he’ll remember for quite some time—though probably not for any reason he’s particularly proud of.

In the bottom of the second, the 28-year-old smacked a blooper into left field that drew a loud cheer from the crowd who were celebrating the rookie getting his first big league hit. But, as is common with the inexperienced, Yastrzemski wanted to get to second base as quickly as possible after getting a taste of first. His ambitions got the better of him and he was picked off at first, much to the dismay of his wife who quickly went from cheering him on to cringing at his poor base running.

Even if his family members were less than impressed at first, a quick search Carl Yastrzemski’s Baseball-Reference page might make them feel a bit better about this play. In Carl’s debut with the Red Sox in 1961, the first hit of his MLB career also went to left field, and he followed that up by getting caught trying to steal second. Seems like these kind of early gaffes run in the family. The younger Yastrzemski was at least able to make up for his mistake later in the game, however, with two more hits that did not result in any brain farts.

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