Miko Grimes Allegedly Arrested At Dolphins Game [UPDATES]

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Miko Grimes, wife of Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl defensive back Brent Grimes, appears to be getting arrested by Miami-Dade Police Department officers in a video posted this afternoon to YouTube.

We have no other information about this incident, and haven’t confirmed that it’s Miko (though it looks like her and she’s wearing a Grimes jersey); we’ve featured her on Deadspin before.


She had plenty of reason to be angry, I suppose; Buffalo creamed the Dolphins.

Update (8:46 p.m.): Witnesses claim the arrest happened before the game, when she crossed a police barricade of some sort.


Update (9:32 p.m.): The Miami Herald has details:

Miko Grimes has been charged with disorderly conduct, battery on a police officer. and resisting arrest with violence, per a police spokesman who spoke to The Herald’s Adam Beasley.


Update (10:33 p.m.): The Sun-Sentinel has the police report:

Officers said they gave her several loud verbal warnings to stop, but she kept going. After an officer grabbed her by her right arm, she broke away and continued, yelling obscenities at them, the report said [...] When officers attempted to subdue her, putting her in a bear-hug, she resisted. Officers tried repeatedly to subdue her but Grimes, now on the ground, flailed her arms and kicked [...] After officers handcuffed her and lifted her to her feet, she suddenly jerked her head backward, head-butting an officer, the report said.


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