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Mina Brees Died As She Lived: Inexplicably

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Drew Brees' estranged mother died last week in Colorado, though as of yet it's not known when, how or where exactly.


Mina Brees was apparently visiting her son Reid, according to the Austin American-Statesman. Other than that, details are scarce.

Marty Akins, Brees' brother who is also a lawyer and former University of Texas quarterback, said he was told Friday morning that Brees died in Colorado, where she was visiting her son Reid. Akins said he did not know the cause of her death.

"It's my understanding that she was at her girlfriend's house," Akins said. "That's all I know. I just know that she passed away, and I loved her very much."


Brees, whose relationship with son Drew was famously strained, was an Austin attorney and a former president of the Austin Bar Association, which gave her an award in 2005 for legal ethics and professionalism. She was being investigated by the Texas attorney general for allegedly trying to dupe several area restaurants into paying her for the rights to their own names. Her business records were subpoenaed Tuesday.

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