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Mindy McCready's Confessions Haven't Translated Into Album Sales Yet

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Mindy McCready, the "troubled" country singer who admitted she had some sort of relationship with Roger Clemens that would probably not be copasetic with Debbie Clemens, is also trying to revinvigorate her stalled country singing career with a new album, reality show, etc. Granted, plenty of other women have been unearthed by the New York Daily News, who've said they've also been part of Roger's bodacious bullpen, but McCready's seemed more career-minded than the others. (Unless, of course, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake is staging a comeback that I don't know about.)


Today, an article by Sam Cook in the Fort Myers News-Press tracks down McCready's roommate, who says that, yes, she remembers the two meeting, flirting, and McCready going back to Roger's hotel room extremely late, but the two did not have sex. Oh, and McCready was apparently 17 at the time, which does punch holes in the DN's original story, but doesn't exactly make it that much less salacious.

It's yet to be seen what this type of coverage could do for McCready's attempts to kickstart her career again (it depends on how awful the reality show is, or if it gets picked up) but so far, the scandal hasn't done anything for her past albums. According to Soundscan, Mindy McCready hasn't tracked in the last few weeks. Anna Loynes, a rep for the music sales tracking service, says there has been no sales spike whatsoever. And how many albums does McCready need to sell to even register on Soundscan's tracking data?


"At least 100," she said.

Well, even 99 more sales of her entire back catalog is better than nothing. But maybe resurrecting an affair with Roger Clemens isn't the best marketing technique for her new album?

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