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Minnesota High School Hockey Hair Remains Undefeated

Photo: YouTube

At this point, Minnesota’s best high school hockey teams are actively trying to get recognized on the All-Hockey Hair Team, and yet the quality of salad still hasn’t decreased. The 2018 class is absolutely brilliant. What you see above, if your eyes haven’t been blinded by its glory, came in at No. 6. Below is No. 4:

Photo: YouTube

It’s not as long as most of the competition, but the creativity has to be admired.

Still images don’t always do these looks justice, though. In order to preserve the surprise, let’s just say that this year’s No. 1 spot is well deserved. After the top 10, stick around for the honorable mentions and closing montage. Dallas Duckson, he of the fluorescent mud flaps from the 2017 edition, makes a return at about the 8:38 mark of the video. It’s a sign of maturity that he no longer has that style, but his hair remains excellent.

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