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Minnesota Man Videotapes Girls High School Basketball Games, Masturbates And Perpetuates Creepy Stereotypes

Richard Querna "likes to film the ones with talent." But what does he mean by talent? "​When [Mankato policeman Dale Stoltman] asked if Querna likes to film the ones that are good looking, the man "acknowledged that might be true." Ah.

Querna was caught red (yet, thankfully empty) handed at a game this week when a parent noticed that he was filming the same girl and continually zoomed in on her.

The parent alerted the basketball player's father, and the two men confronted Querna, who "got real nervous and tried to leave," according to the police report. Querna wound up in a meeting with school athletic director Ken Essay and gave him permission to review the footage on the camcorder. Essay found a video of Querna sitting in an office chair masturbating while yelling out girls' names.

In the video, Querna could be seen "grabbing" his nipple with one hand, while "stroking" his penis with the other. Querna narrated the act in the scene, saying he had "four separate camcorders recording his activity," according to the police report.

He was also yelling out "individual girl(s) names" and "appeared to be watching a video of something, possibly basketball as it sounded like cheering in the background."


What. A. Mess. Compounding things, Querna appears to be the world's worst liar. Initially he tells police that he just decided to pop in to the girls high school basketball game—with his video camera—after running some errands in the neighborhood. He then confessed he had come from another girl's game in a nearby town. Or, try this slip of the tongue, in further conversations with the police "Querna said he 'does a lot of recording' and 'especially likes attending and recording girl's basketball games.' He 'corrected himself' to say he likes recording 'all sporting events.'"

Police were unable to determine that a crime was committed so he was not arrested and was able to return to his New Richland home, about 45 minutes away. Unless it was too late, in which case he probably could have crashed on the bed in the back of his van that he travels in "to 'save on hotels.'"


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Richard Querna banned from high school games after admitting he masturbates to homemade video of girls playing basketball [City Pages]

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