Yankees catching prospect Wes Wilson had an amazing night. First he caught 15 innings. Then he pitched two perfect innings, and won the game for the Class-A Tampa Yankees with a home run in the 17th inning. But if he wants the ball back, he’s going to have to pay up.

Wilson, who pitched in an extra-innings game last year, and before that hadn’t done so since 2007, decided to mix things up—and to have a little fun with his catcher.

“I have this funky delivery and they wanted to see what that was all about,” Wilson said. “Being a catcher and throwing pretty straight and narrow, those hitters can see it pretty well, so I had to add some deception with a high leg kick and a knuckleball.”

His 17th-inning homer that gave Tampa the 5-4 win over the Bradenton Marauders. It happened to be Wilson’s first home run as a pro, so the Yankees bullpen managed to get ahold of it by trading a bunch of balls to the young fan who came up with it. In the grand tradition of the Indians’ pen, they then presented Wilson with their list of demands.


Whereas just about all of the Indians wanted Brandon Moss to pay up in Apple products, the Yankees have more humble wants, like Chinese food and golf balls. That last demand comes from Tampa pitching coach Tommy Phelps, who wants Wilson to catch more side sessions. He may just say keep the damn ball.