Minor League Manager Doug Mientkiewicz Started A Huge Brawl

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Longtime major leaguer Doug Mientkiewicz is now managing the Fort Myers Miracle, the Twins' high-A affiliate. And to say that Mientkiewicz was merely in the middle of this brawl on Saturday would be to understate it.

Mientkiewicz is No. 16 in white in the video above, captured by the News-Press. Sadly it misses the beginning of the fight, when Mientkiewicz sprinted out of his dugout to tackle the opposing manager. (Another angle here shows some of the chaos.)


On Friday, a Bradenton Marauders player rolled over the Miracle's catcher at the plate. On Saturday, a Miracle pitcher brushed back a Marauder batter. That spurred Marauders manager Frank Kremblas to step out of the dugout to yell at Mientkiewicz. That's when Mientkiewicz made a beeline for Kremblas, taking him to the ground, until both managers were pulled apart by their players.

Both managers are expecting suspensions. In a statement, the Twins' minor league director had this to say:

“Doug knows that’s not the example we want him to set for our players. He is a very competitive guy, and he let his emotions get the better of him. He was very apologetic for what happened, both to me and to the team. He realizes that’s not how we want him to represent the Minnesota Twins.”


When contacted by a reporter and asked what made him so angry, Mientkiewicz merely texted "Ask their manager.”