Minor League Teams, Managers Brawl In Front Of Hundreds Of Kids On Camp Day

This basebrawl, which went down between the Reds’ and Marlins’ single-A affiliates last week (with video only emerging yesterday), is already an excellent one: Roundhouse punches everywhere, coaches and managers raining blows on each other, total chaos. It’s made even better for having taken place on Camp Day, thrilling all the children in attendance.


The actual fight between the Daytona Tortugas and Jupiter Hammerheads lasted three minutes, though this video only shows the first 30 seconds. It does feature Hammerheads manager Randy Ready (uniform No. 5 in gray, and poised to strike the video’s thumbnail) getting decked, thrown down, then getting up to rejoin the action. Ready pulled a hamstring in the melée, which ain’t bad, all things considered.

[Slater Scoops]