Mizzou's Corporate Card Was Used For $7,600 At A Vegas Strip Club

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Missouri, like many schools, handed out credit cards to athletics department employees and trusted them not to abuse the privilege. Anyone who's ever had a corporate card can guess how that worked out: strip clubs and steakhouses. After an external audit of the program's finances, they're cracking down on who they give those cards to. And you've got two folks to thank for ruining it for everyone:

Director of video operations Michael Schumacher spent $7,605.50 in a single night at Olympic Garden, a club conveniently located on the Strip that "feature[s] literally hundreds of the world's most beautiful ladies (known as the Dreamgirls) in a relaxing and spacious setting." One of those charges included a $2,000 tip on a $4,400 bill. Maybe I don't understand how strip clubs work, but was Schumacher being extra generous, or is "tip" just how you say "blowjob" on a receipt?

Schumacher has since repaid the university for his Vegas fun, which took place while he was representing the school at a conference. He was there alone, so that $7,600 is all him.

Another charge, for nearly $3,000, was racked up by former basketball director of operations Jeff Daniels. He took the entire team out to dinner at the Vince Young Steakhouse in Austin, including coaches and support staff. Spending $100 a person at Vince Young's steakhouse is more of a crime against taste than dropping $7,600 at a strip club.


Missouri has deactivated 32 credit cards, and says all in all, it could have been a lot worse. The strip club could have been in Downtown Vegas.

Mizzou Cracks Down On Credit Card Use After Audit Reveals $7,600 Strip Club Expense