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MLB Announces Starting Lineups For 83rd All-Star Game, Fans Everywhere Pissed

The MLB announced the starters for this year's midsummer exhibition-game-that-is-not-really-an-exhibition-game-because-home-field-advantage-is-inexplicably-awarded-to-the-league-that-wins-this-exhibition-game. That means it's time for everyone to gripe about how Player X should have been a starter over Player Y. Pablo Sandoval? In. David Wright? Out. Derek Jeter? In. Various other worthy shortstops? Out.

There used to be a Storify embed here, but Storify doesn’t exist anymore.

We go through this every year, not unlike the NCAA Tournament selections. Or any other competition that is picked rather than earned, for that matter. It happens. It really is a meaningless game designed for the fans, except for that the harebrained home-field advantage angle. It's a fan vote and more people voted for Jeter, as an example, than any other player save one. People want to see him, even if he's not the best shortstop in the American League.

The All-Star game is a joke. We all know it's a joke, but that doesn't stop people from losing their goddamned minds every year. Rather than fans irrationally lashing out at players and fans of those players, why not direct your ire at the commissioner who allowed this silly band-aid for an embarrassing incident now 10 years old?

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Rosters unveiled for 83rd All-Star Game [MLB]

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