For far too long yesterday (read: at all), had a game story up about the Twins easily handling the Brewers, 6-2. Meanwhile, the actual game was still in extra innings, tied at 7.

It's hard to fault MLB for jumping the gun, as the game was indeed 6-2 heading into the ninth. And who could predict that Milwaukee would even reach base against Minnesota's crack shutdown men, Ron Mahay and Jon Rauch? Errrr....

Of course, the Brewers scored 5, but the Twins tacked on another run with their last licks, sending the game to extras. That's when's game story went live. It was just bare bones, the top couple levels of the inverted pyramid, the kind of skeleton every writer works on towards the end of a game so the final story doesn't take too long to write. But it was enough to bring the wrath of commenters down on poor Kelly Thesier:


It was taken down sometime in the 11th inning, and Jason Kubel's 12th inning sacrifice fly saved from greater embarrassment. Otherwise fans throughout the Great Lakes region would be printing and framing their copies of the erroneous story today.