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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise Really Can't Figure Out This Whole Death Thing

Illustration for article titled Really Cant Figure Out This Whole Death Thing

According to, Nick Adenhart is still the 35th best major league prospect. However, right above his profile, there is an editor's note explaining that he died.

Advertisement's clumsy handling of Adenhart's death throughout their site has been mentioned before, and this doesn't mean that they're horrible, hurtful people or anything like that, but WHY would you take the time to put up an editor's note above a "prospect" mentioning that he died (well over a month ago now, mind you) instead of removing him from the list:

Editor's note: On Thursday, Apr. 9, just hours after pitching six shutout innings in his 2009 season debut, Nick Adenhart was involved in a car accident and died from his injuries.


Also, keeping Adenhart on the list must be really annoying to the 36th prospect, pitcher Jake Arrieta.

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