MLB Cooks Up Extremely Credible And Not At All Insulting Explanation For $5,000 Contribution To Racist Shitbag's Senate Campaign

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Here is Major League Baseball’s totally credible explanation for how it wound up donating $5,000 to the runoff campaign of unhinged Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, of Mississippi, whose supporter base seems increasingly to be made up of racist maniacs:

This explanation will ring true to anyone who has sent Major League Baseball an invitation to their birthday party and been rewarded with a check for several thousand dollars. Hey, we were invited! What were we supposed to do, not send a few thousand bucks? Also worth noting: MLB’s donation was reportedly made on November 23, whole weeks after Hyde-Smith joked about attending a public hanging and suppressing liberal votes, and three days after her campaign reached a level of toxicity that was even too much for Walmart. While we’re here, super-racist Giants owner Charles B. Johnson also donated $5,400 to Hyde-Smith’s runoff campaign last week, to absolutely no one’s surprise.