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A super PAC called Black Americans for the President’s Agenda paid for a staggeringly racist radio ad in support of Mr. Peanut-looking-ass Arkansas congressman French Hill that dropped yesterday. The ad was targeted towards black voters (the PAC ran a similar ad in Missouri) and it features two caricatures agreeing to vote for GOP candidates because the Democratic party’s attempt to question alleged rapist Brett Kavanaugh means the presumption of innocence is dead, and therefore black men will be subject to “race verdicts, life sentences, and lynchings when a white girl screams ‘rape!’”

ThinkProgress dug into the finances of Black Americans for the President’s Agenda and found that—surprise!—the vast majority of donors to the super PAC are white. The PAC is led by world-class xenophobe and failed congressional candidate Vernon Robinson, who says the ad cost $50,000. Among the rich white people who donated to the super PAC are Patricia Duggan, wife of billionaire Scientology donor Bob Duggan, as well as San Francisco Giants controlling owner Charles B. Johnson.

The 85-year-old Johnson, who keeps a low media profile, has long been a reliable donor to GOP causes, and he gave $100,000 to a Donald Trump-supporting super PAC in Aug. 2016. Johnson first bought a small chunk of the Giants when they were close to a move to Florida in the early ‘90s. He gradually bought up more shares until he came to own a reported 25 percent of the team by 2011.

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