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MLB.TV Not Quite As Cool As It Used To Be

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We are longtime subscribers to It only makes sense. We love the Cardinals, we don't live in St. Louis and we are on our computer pretty much all the time. It's also cheaper than MLB Extra Innings and, on the whole, runs on a programming system that doesn't kill our computer.

Well, until this year. We were wondering if other people were having the same problems we were having with this year, and, via Off Wing Opinion, we realize now that we're not at all. The system has switched to a new Flash-based application this year, which is making everything slower, on our computer anyway. It also buffers for a long time, has sync issues with the audio and, as the piece above points out, archived games are a mess.


So we thought, OK, fine: We work out of home anyway, maybe we'll just cancel our subscription — currently billed month-to-month, automatically — and get the Extra Innings package. Maybe we can make it a tax writeoff. But that hasn't worked either; we can't get anyone on the phone or online to answer our calls or emails.

Oh, and they're doing ads like the one on the side there with A-Rod coming on to Derek Jeter.

Last year, we loved so much that we gave it out as Christmas presents. And now we're completely turned off on it. Anyone else having trouble?

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