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Baseball wants to get a referendum on an Athletics' San Jose stadium off of the November ballot, because it might not pass. To do so, they're willing to pay the city to hold a special election in the spring. Shady business, Bud.

San Jose wants the A's. But first, they need a stadium, and to get a stadium, they need $461 million, and to get $461 million for a stadium, residents need to vote. So San Jose mayor Chuck Reed announced last week that the measure will appear on November's ballot, a surprise to just about everyone.


MLB President Bob DuPuy spoke to Reed, urging him to take it off the ballot. Why? Well, the money quote: "some observers have predicted that a stadium measure would fare better in the spring, when there won't be a raft of other ballot measures competing for attention."

To sweeten the deal, MLB will help pay for the up to $1 million cost of holding a special election for the ballpark measure.

We shouldn't be surprised. MLB is doing everything it can within the law (debatable) to make sure the Rangers get sold to their handpicked ownership group. Still, just more evidence of the lengths to which Selig and Co. will go to get their way.

Major League Baseball offers to help pay for San Jose stadium election - on one condition [San Jose Mercury-News]

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