MLS Players To Drunken Rival Fan: Suck One, Suck Two, Suck Three, Suck Four

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A reader emailed us to tell us about a Twitter exchange he had with some members of the Columbus Crew last night. I'll let him explain:

Was at SKC v. Columbus last night. Sporting had the ball, but the Crew had a player down with an injury. The ref blew to bring on the medical staff. This was not a foul, just a stoppage to get the player checked out. Typical soccer protocol would have Columbus play the ball out of bounds or send it to SKC's keeper. This is to avoid gaining an unfair advantage after their own player needed medical attention.

Instead, Columbus plays the ball into the box and scores off a muffed clearance.

I was pretty pissed and decided to tweet Chad Marshall, the offending Columbus player who had played the ball in, instead of returning possession.

Fair enough. The fan thought what Marshall did was cheap, so he called him out on it:


Marshall didn't take too kindly to that, and decided to respond:

Then some of Marshall's teammates got in on the fun:


To his credit, "MCneckbeard" took the high road after getting piled on by the Crew:


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