Vladimir Putin, the most manly of manly sportsmen of sport and also prime minister of Russia, couldn't have been expecting boos when he stepped into the ring on Sunday night to swing his dick around in advance of Russian parliamentary elections. But it was boos he got. Russian MMA superstar Fedor Emelianenko had just dispatched American anarchist Jeff Monson on national television when Putin clambered into the ring and grabbed a microphone. From The Washington Post:

"Today all martial arts fans are having a feast," he began, and then the boos began to descend. Putin stopped, resumed, spoke louder. "We are all grateful to Fyodor Emelianenko, a real Russian bogatyr" - a Russian knight of old - "and not just because he is very strong and has wonderful muscles but also for his character and will, a real Russian bogatyr. I am greeting you, Fedya."

Putin is not accustomed to boos. He is accustomed to wrasslin' grizzlies and freediving blindfolded to the bottom of Lake Baikal with one hand tied behind his back. All to the sound of polite applause. Not in MMA, comrade.

H/T David B.