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MMA Fighter In Choke Taps Out, Shits Himself, Leaks Shit All Over Cage [NSFW]

Look, this video delivers exactly what it promises. You clicked on this. One poor MMA fighter—Travis Walford, according to our friends at Bloody Elbow—not only lost the match to Daniel Cooper at a Ruckus in the Cage event in West Virginia on Saturday, but pooped himself. It got everywhere.

You can see Walford’s pants are soiled as he rolls over, but it’s even more obvious when he stands up after the match and shit falls out of his trunks.


He walks around, unsure of what to do, while the referee gives up on life. Nope, his reaction says. I’m not dealing with this.


The woman taking the video starts to dry heave and then inexplicably zooms in on the shit. We can see the shit just fine from far away, ma’am. Why did you zoom in? Why are you doing this to me?


The crowd reacts in horror and laughter as they realize there’s shit on the mat, and Walford leaves to clean himself up. The fighters in the next match must have been really happy.

[Bloody Elbow]

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