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Model Strips Naked, Fights Cops At Aussie Rules Grand Final [NSFW]

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The lady you see above is a Scottish model named Heather McCartney. That's her being escorted out of Saturday's Australian Football League Grand Final, essentially the sport's Super Bowl. She was kicked out of the stadium because, while watching the game from a corporate box, she decided to get super naked. There are apparently rules against such a thing. (Things are about to get NSFW)


She was very naked:


Like really, really naked:

There's a lot of dispute over whom McCartney had accompanied to the game and why exactly she was naked, but the Herald Sun has been chasing the story:

"No I was not hired as an escort and was in the box with friends," she said.

"I got naked as I had a bet on that if Hawthorn won, I would flash quickly. No shows or performances."

Several sources, including a man who claims he watched the show from within the box, have confirmed Ms McCartney was a paid stripper.


"It was a bet: I said if Hawthorn win, I'm getting naked. They won, and I got naked," she told the Herald Sun. "What a f—-ing day, it was great."


Also, there's this:

During her out-of-control antics, she kicked and punched police who tried to arrest her, attacking one with a high heel and biting another on the finger. "F—- off, I don't have to tell you anything, you f—-ing retard," she yelled before hitting one officer in the face.


She sounds like a really cool lady.

[Herald Sun]

Top image via Herald Sun.

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