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"Moneyball" Casting Department Seeking Undervalued Actors

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The cast of Steven Soderbergh's ridiculous Moneyball adaptation is starting to come together and it looks to be about as awesome as a dramatic feature about sabermetrics could possibly be.


As you all know, Brad Pitt has signed on to play Billy Beane—a hilarious concept in its own right—but now some of the other characters are filling out the picture. Dimitri Martin, who has slightly less star power than Pitt, will play Beane's assistant and future Dodger GM, Paul DePodesta. (The opening of DePodesta's Wikipedia entry is a master stroke, by the way.) Rick Peterson, a former A's pitching coach featured in the book will be played by ... Rick Peterson. David Justice and Scott Hatteberg have also been tabbed to play themselves. Obviously they are digging very deep into the talent pool for this one.

So Brad Pitt, a dude who has been Comedy Central-famous for like 10 minutes, and a bunch of former ball players will somehow attempt to make a book about nerds working in an office a compelling family-friendly box office draw. This should go about as well as the last three games of the 2001 ALDS did for Oakland.

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