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Monta Ellis Wins Game With Ridiculous Buzzer-Beater, Immediately Exits Court

Steph Curry wasn't the only one doing what he was put on Earth to do last night. Monta Ellis, one of the league's most renowned chuckers, had himself a quintessential Monta Ellis game in Houston. He scored 27 points on 9-24 shooting and hit the crazy, game-winning buzzer-beater you see above. It's almost too fitting that a guy who is known for taking wild, reckless shots would win a game on a shot as hurried and off balance as that one.

Ellis made the most of the moment by sprinting straight off the court as soon as the shot went in. There are few things more bad ass than sucking the air out of an entire arena with a buzzer-beater and then leaving everyone behind in stunned silence. It's the NBA's version of the mic drop.

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