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Mooning Spectator Causes Rally Car Crash

Unpredictable terrain. Wild weather. Nothing can break the singular focus of the rally car driver. Except, evidently, one random fellow at the side of the road with his pants around his ankles.

Mark Tapper was in good position on the second day of the three-day Rally New Zealand. Until, from out of the bushes, appeared a pasty white ass, pointed in his general direction. "Ah, for fuck's sake," Tapper is heard saying over the radio, as he loses control of his car. He flips, and comes to rest upside down. "That cunt with his ass out!"


What's impressive to me is that this appears to be somewhere in the back country, with no other spectators in sight. So our mooner traveled who knows how long, for the express purpose of showing his ass to any drivers who happen by. Well done, anonymous rump.

[via Tabloid Prodigy]

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