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This day was chock full of Tebow news, huh? Some of it was even covered on the definitive internet address for Tebowniacs, I'll give you one guess who is behind TimTeblog and his name rhymes with Shan Danoff.

Not appearing on TimTeblog today? The results of the seventh race at Monmouth Park featuring an energetic young colt, named Go Tebow Go. He did not win. He didn't not place either. Notes say he started strong, but weakened in the end for a solid fifth place finish. The good news is that he's saving his stud for marriage.



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Hoo-boy, do you want to be here tomorrow. You're gonna get a double-shot of love from Super Special Saturday Weekend Guest Editors Alex "If You Bring Up Obama's Birth Certificate I Will Gut You Like A Fish" Pareene, from (maybe you've heard of it?) and ... wait for it ... waaaaaait ....... Moe Tkacik, from this. Set your alarms, because you miss it at your own peril.

Sunday: Petchesky. He's good too.

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