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More From The Jay Mariotti Hearings: Pulling Out Hair Extensions Does Not Make It OK

Illustration for article titled More From The Jay Mariotti Hearings: Pulling Out Hair iExtensions/i Does Not Make It OK

Last night we alerted you to the news that formerly ubiquitous ESPN pundit Jay Mariotti would stand trial in California on charges of felony stalking, domestic violence, and assault stemming from an April altercation. That came after a no-contest plea on domestic violence charges in September 2010.

A judge yesterday ruled that there was enough evidence to preserve the case against Mariotti, even though his lawyer, Shawn Holley (who's represented Lindsay Lohan, among other media meltdowners), offered some compelling cross-examination.



Prosecutors contend that Mariotti confronted his ex-girlfriend the same day a court ordered him to stay away from her. In addition, they say he argued with his former girlfriend again outside a Venice restaurant April 15. He allegedly pulled a chunk of her hair out and grabbed her cellphone while shouting at her, prosecutors said.

During the preliminary hearing, Mariotti's ex-girlfriend was questioned about her claim that her hair had been pulled out. On cross-examination by Holley, she acknowledged it was hair extensions that had been pulled out.

This is a little like saying that punching your girlfriend in the boob isn't so bad if it's fake. Which, yeah. Mariotti's due back in court July 12.

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