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An alert reader clues us into some ESPN tech snafus last Sunday, the first day of the mock Steve Phillips press conference things.

Don't know if you saw the 11:00 SportsCenter on Sunday night, but when they did the original Steve Phillips faux-press conference, where he was the Red Sox GM, they teased it all night and then when they finally threw it over there, they did about 3 minutes and then had horrible technical difficulties (sound cutting out, video crapping up) and had to end it and go back to the studio, to a thoroughly defeated Steve Levy and Stu Scott, who apologized and said they'd have the full version on the later SportsCenters. So I guess they taped it and edited it in later. Loved that they were doing it in Bristol, with presumably hundreds of tech people and staffers available, and they still couldn't pull it off live.

We're hearing all kinds of behind the scenes stuff about these segments, and, if we can talk this person into it, we're actually gonna have a report from one of the "reporters" yelling "questions" at Phillips sometime later this week. We'll have to hurry, too; sadly, they're ending the segments on Friday.

OK, Seriously, Knock It Off You Guys [Deadspin]

(By the way, we LOVE that picture of Buster Olney. You can see thousands of operas and greek tragedies in his eyes.)