Even though the Reds have had more success this year than most might have anticipated, they haven't felt a major boost at the turnstiles, with attendance up slightly, but not significantly, over last year. So they've come up with a new idea for bringing fans to the ball park: Make them feel like they're being attacked by terrorists!

On September 30 — the last weekend of the regular season — Great American Ball Park will feature a simulation of a "full-scale terrorist attack." The team is looking for volunteers to play "Fucking Terrified Citizen" and is offering them vouchers for two Reds tickets in 2007. It's actually not a bad deal, if you can get up early; volunteers will be there from 7:30 until about 10 a.m.

If anyone is able to go, we discourage people from screaming in hysterics and running to freedom, and instead suggest they leave the park in a calm and orderly fashion, if just because you'll lose your free tickets otherwise. If you're need motivation for the "terror" expression, we suggest thinking, "Danny Graves." Should help.

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