A Cinderella story?: Relax, everyone. Anna Rawson earned back her LPGA tour card. Like it's even possible for you to watch more LPGA golf. [Fan IQ]

You stink: Look, we know your "lucky" jersey got the Niners two straight wins, but we've all been talking and ... you really need to wash that thing. [Niner's Nation]

Good luck collecting that: That Steelers interception return won some dude $1 million from ESPN, minus Fred Hickman's vig. [Simon on Sports]

Hey, 89 is a good effort: Ending an 89-game winning streak sucks, but ending an 89-game winning streak in the state championship game? Ouch. [Online Sports Guys]

Talk about pulling a homer: This is the worst Magic Johnson highlight reel ever. I might need to open a Starbucks franchise just to stay awake. [Business Week]