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Morning Blogdome: MLB Trade Deadline Threadjack Central

Please Manny don't hurt 'em: "Look, chowds. I know your world is coming to an end, because your world is always coming to an end, but the whole Manny Experience... really isn't all that important to the rest of us, and probably not even to you. He's just not that great anymore, and he's not going to get any better." [Five Tool Tool] • On the Fanhouse uprising: "Is the idea of barely-clothed 20-something women talking about whether or not you should draft Reggie Bush in round three or four of your draft complete lunacy? Certainly. But does it work? We can only assume as much. How else would these girls (or their company) have sold the idea to AOL? They likely presented stats on their website, the figures were bananas, and the suits at AOL envisioned readers spending hours watching these women and managing their fantasy teams." [The Big Lead] • Yeah, July was kind of terrible: 31 reasons this July sucked for sports. Actually, if there were 31 things, doesn't that mean there was a lot to write about? [Rumors and Rants] • Joe Buck's business card is for sale on Ebay: "There are always awesome items up for bid on Ebay, but I think this one is my new personal favorite. How often do you get the chance to bid on a business card from Sports industry superstar, Joe Buck? Not only that, but it's autographed AND the seller is throwing in an Ed Orgeron autograph too?!?!" [Awful Announcing]


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