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Morning Blogdome: On Tummy Lincecum's Fortuitous Illness

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Tim Lincecum may have saved his career by missing the All-Star game: So says one San Francisco Gate blogumnist: "Giants pitchers should avoid these mid-summer "classics" at all cost. You remember Atlee Hammaker's seven-earned run outing in 1983. He was never the same after that embarrassment." [SF Gate]

'Dem McCown boys are quite handy: Quarterback Josh McCown may have made his quest to become quarterback of the Miami Dolphins a little harder this year, thanks in part to his brother Luke, back-up quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Josh injured a finger on his throwing hand after brother Luke accidentally nicked him with the chainsaw. Yeehaw. [Rotoworld]

A wholesome game for those sports gamblers who've had their kneecaps broken too many times: Do you owe too much money to Vinnie the Shnoz, but just can't seem to enjoy sports without some other action involved. Check out AirPlay Live, a new game that allows TV sports-watchers the type of interactive gamesmanship even your grandmother would enjoy. [Bugs And Cranks]


Dan Uggla's errors bring brief moment of creative freedom to AP copy editors: Poor Dan Uggla. Any bad performance and headline writers just tee-off on him. (Ugh-la!) Then there's the AP writers, who chose to go this route to commemorate the Marlins' second baseman's error-filled All-Star performance. [Red Sox Monster]

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