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Morning Blogdome: Orel Hershiser Wants To Jump Through That Screen And Eat Your Face

Raaaagh! Hershiser mad! Raaaagh!: Here's a brilliant screen shot from Sunday Night Baseball where ESPN broadcaster Orel Hershiser apparently became possessed by a demon. Luckily, John Miller keeps an extra bottle of holy water in his breast pocket and splashed down the former Dodgers' pitcher before he splattered the ESPN broadcast booth with green vomit. [The Sports Hernia] • Funny cause it's true: The new T-shirt that would probably be a huge seller at concession stands in Queens: "I Survived Shea's Escalator" [Undrafted Free Agent] • Seriously, what deal with the devil did Fernando Tatis make?: "The stories of Josh Hamilton and Rick Ankiel are well-documented and deservedly so. The tale of Fernando Tatis is quite different, yet, in many ways, it's just as hard to believe. Tatis has not only clawed his way back into baseball, but he's managed to stick on a roster. The team? The New York Mets. Oh yea, and he's one of the big reasons the Mets are one of the hottest teams in baseball." [The Legend Of Cecilio Guante] • The Tour De Frace is over: Congratulations, Spanish dude in a tight yellow shirt. [East Coast Bias]


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