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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

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A creature rarely seen in the wild: We have found actual video evidence of Lakers center Andrew Bynum "makin' it rain." He already looks in midseason form, doesn't he? [Black Sports Online]• Hey Panama ... SUCK IT!: American Pro Wrestlers (that's their employer, and a job description) The Heartbreak Express caused a little bit of an international incident when they stomped on the Panamanian flag ... on Panama's most popular morning show. How silly of those Central Americans to take wrestling so seriouHIT HIM WITH THE CHAIR! PILE DRIVER! YEAH!!! [The Serious Tip] • Play it cool, man: Michigan fans are maybe cracking up a bit. No comment here. No sir, not from me. No comment at all ... [Front Of The Net] •: Sports teaches you life skills: Deron Williams cannot make a basket to save his life. Plus, all his paper football field goals go wide right. [NESW Sports] • I'd hate to see the other two: Did Louisville's coach just say Syracuse is "very, very well-coached in all three phases of the game"? Is one of those phases "not scoring touchdowns"? [Three Idiots]


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