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Morning Blogdome: Whither Dicks?

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The return of Richard: Interesting phenomenon pointed out by the Bugs and Cranks crew: There hasn't been an active player named "Dick" in the major leagues since 1996. (Dick Schofield, raise your hand.) To commemorate the passing of Dicks, they've put together an All-Dick team. And when Dick Williams gets inducted into the Hall of Fame next Sunday, will he really be the first Dick in Cooperstown? That doesn't seem possible. [Bugs And Cranks]

Wizard, reveal thyself: Proprietor of the always entertaining "The Wizard Of Odds" college football-centric site has finally shed the cloak of anonymity. Unfortunately, it was due to being laid off from LA Times after 16 years of service. Jay Christensen, welcome to the real-name club. [The Wizard Of Odds]

Is love still afoot?: The supposedly fractured relationship between Christiano Ronaldo and that shorty-short lady, Nereida, he's been bouncing around with is apparently not-so-broken. According to her, that is: "This is all nonsense. I spoke to him today, like always. We are together. He told me he loves me and I him." Clingy. [This Is Extra Time]


Hey, it's Jose!: Jose Canseco can't seem to prevent himself from being overexposed. But did you know he's a hero? Enjoy watching's "The Juiced Story: Jose Canseco Saves The Day." Pat Jordan does not make a cameo, unfortunately. []

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